Cambridge BioSolutions

for Start-up and Scaling-up Life Science Entrepreneurs


Dedicated international biotechnology consultancy helping companies grow globally



Creating business, sales and marketing strategies for innovative companies to expand globally



Helping to connect highly creative and innovative companies to dynamic global markets


Leadership & management

Building effective commercial structures with leadership management coaching

Cambridge BioSolutions helps

Start-up & Scaling-up Life Science  Entrepreneurs

create a revenue-generating organisation through:


Providing advice and guidance on growing your company globally, integrating with your team to share our expertise and experience to help you achieve your organisational goals


Evaluating potential sources of growth, defining your business segments and identifying the right combination of resources to access and deploy

Business to Business

Connecting highly creative and innovative companies to dynamic global markets to establish new business projects using our worldwide network

Developing global business strategies and finding new partners 

Leadership and Management

Building effective commercial structure with interim leadership management

Refining the infrastructures for markets and processes, populated with the right partners, to execute your growth strategy and meet your customers’ needs. With strategy and structure in place, executing, measuring, tracking and managing for constant improvement

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Our Approach

Our method has been fine-tuned through years of experience whilst working with different scales of businesses, resulting in you finding the best strategy for your company. So how does this work?

Step 1

Tell us your business challenges

Step 2

Meet with our consultant

Step 3

Develop your business strategy based on your needs

Step 4

Together we can accelerate your business growth

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About CBS

Cambridge BioSolutions, based in Cambridge UK, is a dedicated Life Science consultancy. It was founded in 2021 by Jeong Suk Song to help start-up and scaling-up Life Science companies to grow globally through developing tailor-made strategies to increase commercial awareness and sales revenue.

Our Mission

Serving and supporting innovative Life Science companies to achieve their goals faster. Providing experienced, professional, personalised and friendly consultancy to help companies flourish in the Life Science Sector.

Our Expertise

Our expertise ranges from creating business plans to providing advice on international expansion and localisation. This includes developing global business strategies and finding new partners.

About Jeong Suk Song, MBA

Jeong Suk Song has over 30 years of experience in life sciences, specialising in marketing, sales and business strategy for rapidly growing start-up and scaling-up companies. She worked for Green Bee Bio Inc (South Korea) and Abcam plc (UK), where her sales and marketing strategies were a major contributing factor. Her contribution resulted in more than 900% overall revenue growth, making the company a global leader.

She has a worldwide network that connects people, organisations, and companies to establish new business projects. She also has in-depth experience managing suppliers and distributors across six continents, specialising in the UK and the Far East markets, particularly South Korea and China.

Jeong Suk completed an Executive MBA from Judge Business School, University of Cambridge, and she is now a leader and builder of innovative, value-creating enterprises in a dynamic global economy.

Jeong Suk Song/CEO

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